Welcome to PPI Consulting!

We design and lead innovative training that generates positive reactions and genuine business benefits.

PPI Consulting is led by Rick Woodward who works with senior teams across the world helping them to clarify strategy, implement change and improve performance.  Rick is an inspiring presenter with an open style, a pragmatic approach and a reputation for results.

PPI Consulting believes in:

Performance: We are passionate about improving business performance by building employee engagement and developing employee skills.

People: We work closely with leaders and teams to help them develop their skills and become the best that they can be.  There are no ‘vanilla offerings’.  We build solutions around your individual needs.

Integrity: Honesty, openness and fairness characterise our approach. Our rates are reasonable, our relationships professional and our working style flexible.  We form a partnership with our clients and we try to be easy to work with.

PPI Consulting has nothing to do with Payment Protection Insurance!